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Code Enforcement League of Arizona
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Code Enforcement Officer Certification Program

Presented by CELA and Central Arizona College

Central Arizona College is a dynamic and multifaceted institution of higher education featuring nine campuses and centers stragetically located throughout Pinal County for the prupose of educating the diverse population of the region.
Central Arizona College offers this program through the Code Enforcement League of Arizona offering students three credit hours for each level.


Why Become CELA Certified?


Recognition: As the premier industry certification in Arizona, the CELA certification distinguishes holders as career professionals who have demonstrated a high level of experience, skill and knowledge.


Competitive Advantage: The designation conveys credibility to other professionals, both at work and in meetings, conferences, etc.

Peer Acceptance: CELA certification holders are immediately recognized by other CELA members as fellow professionals committed to the advancement of the profession.


Salary Enhancement: CELA certification can be used as a competitive advantage when it comes to promotional opportunities and salary enhancements.


Personal Achievement: After passing the examination process, CELA certification affords a profound sense of personal achievement at being regarded as an exceptionally skilled professional.


Commitment: Successful completion of the CELA certification process conveys that the holder is committed and goal driven in their career.


College Credit: You receive 3 credit hours for attending the academy by the Central Arizona College.

CELA offers Levels I and II Certification Programs in the Spring and Fall.

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