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Code Enforcement League of Arizona
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*Don't miss CELA's Spring Conference-Wednesday, April 17th & Thursday, April 18th at Wild Horse Pass Conference Center! Register Here!

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2019 CELA Spring Conference Classes:

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Presented by Daniel Anderson
ICC Certified

Code Enforcement and Game Theory is a Seminar Class specifically aimed at the Games People Play when contacted by Code Enforcement. The Seminar will introduce you to the emerging science known as Game Theory, and help you to categorize resistance at the door, into the various games people play (False Alternatives, Brinksmanship, Chicken, Prisoners Dilemma, Pursuit and Evasion, etcetera).

You will learn: The common strategies used by residents (consciously or unconsciously); The four game elements that must be established for strategic advantage; Why flexibility is not always a good strategy; The importance of the “First Mover Advantage” and how to maintain it; How to identify what game you are in and some strategies to change the game – when the game is not to your advantage.

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Presented by Chip Sikes
ICC Certified

Officer Safety and Communication is a Seminar Class to educate, promote and support collaborative efforts that create and sustain positive and effective interactions with Public Service employees, Law Enforcement & Mental Health Care providers with individuals that struggle with Cognitive Disorders, Mental Illness(es), Special Needs and PTSD. This course offers education in recognition, basic tactical considerations, deescalation methods and resource information, while striving to reduce the Stigma that encompass these many topics.

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